A professional industrial and trading company of marketing false eyelashes

Quality control
Excellent quality control ensures that high-quality products are delivered to your hands
First, we can appoint and improve specific quality standard for the products. All exceed the standard of the product will be unqualified, unconditional and reason.
Second, there are quality inspectors in the production process to eliminate the flow of defective products.
Third, in the production process, there are quality tour personnel according to the production process of the provisions of strict inspection, to notify the defective items.
At last, we will carry out a strict and careful analysis of the defective products in production, find out the reasons for the defective products and formulate relevant measures.
Because false eyelash quality slants light, so great majority goes express delivery
In order to prevent problems in the transportation process, we will strictly control the following two points:
we will choose the appropriate route according to the requirements.
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Relatively hard packaging will be chosen.In addition, some shock-proof and pressure-proof measures will be taken, such as bubble film
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The answers you want to know are here
1. How about the quality of the product? What are its features?
Our products are very popular. The factory quality is stable and guaranteed and the price is favorable and competitive.Furthermore we can send samples to check the quality, special technology, after-sales worry.
2. We think the price is on the high side. Can you give us a discount?
The raw materials are imported,and are of high quality. At the same time, those made in China are of standard quality. We can also send two samples for your comparison and choice.
3. How many times can you wear it?How to clean?
Use it 20-30 times daily.Use special mousse cleanser when cleaning, you can clean yourself, or you can go to the beauty salon.
4. What are the packages?Can it be customized?
We have many packing styles. We can send you the picture for your choice.You can customize the packing box and then print your logo .
5. Why other people's prices are cheaper than yours?
different materials, different technology, different products, the same quality of our price has an absolute advantage, low price we also have, can send you samples